Partnership Program

Become a Server Horse Partner

We are looking for Minecraft Networks, Content Creators, and Minecraft Plugins / Development Projects to partner with us!


As a Server Horse partner we provide you with a Free Minecraft server that suits your needs. There are various ways we can setup the partnership to benefit you heavily while giving Server Horse publicity from your medium. If you meet one or multiple of the requirements below, feel free to create a ticket on discord or in our client area regarding a partnership.


For Content Creators: Must have a minimum of the following KPI for one or multiple platforms: YouTube: 10K Subscribers, TikTok: 250K Followers, Twitch: 10K Followers, OR Instagram: 40K Followers. If you meet one of those requirements, you are eligible to contact us about partnerships as a Content Creator.

For Minecraft Networks: If you want to partner with Server Horse as a Minecraft network you must have the following as a minimum active player count: 50+ players online average.

For Developers or Minecraft Projects: There are no performance indicator requirements for developers at this time. However, you must have extensive java experience and have a project that aligns with our goals. If you have a new plugin or Minecraft Development project, feel free to create a ticket regarding a partnership.

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