Looking for a Minecraft Server?

The best of both worlds

Get fast hardware, a great price, and a talented support team to assist your in your efforts!

Located in the United States

Hosted in Los Angeles and New York. Ideal for North America and Europe.

Any Server:

Modded with plugins
Proxy (Bungee, velocity etc.)

Play on any edition!

Your Java Edition server will work on Java, Xbox, Pocket Edition, and Windows 10 Edition!


How do we stack up?

Server Horse

  Fast Hardware whether you're small or large (i7 7700K+)  

  Java Edition servers work on all editions (Java, Xbox, Phone, etc.)

  Fast and reliable support 

Other Hosts

No Cross platform
Higher Prices

Looking for a website?

Simple and fast websites

Our websites provide more than enough resources for you to have full flexibility for your project.


Move Faster

Our Experience

Our team has extensive server experience and we know what is needed to run a successful Minecraft server because we run big and small servers. Whether you are looking to play with your friends, or are looking for something more; we know what you need. 


Business Minded

We work with business minds and we know its not worth sacrificing a lot of money in order to gain average hardware. That is why we offer the best hardware for the best price. Small or large, we got your back.


100% Renewable Energy

Our machines are powered on 100% renewable energy. Enjoy the latest and most powerful Intel processors with modern energy architecture.


Need something more?

Dedicated Minecraft Servers

Have as many servers as you want with your resources. We handle the backend while you manage all of your Minecraft Servers on a full Dedicated Machine. Easy to use Server Horse Minecraft Panel.