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Server Horse was founded by creators and for creators. Our founder, CaptainLights, used other hosting companies to run his Minecraft Servers back in 2019. He began to learn the ins and outs of this technology and found critical flaws that would lead him to eventually starting his own hosting company - Server Horse. A traditional linear hosting company follows a red ocean business model by either setting any price due to SEO optimization, or by sticking to base features that every other host has. CaptainLights wanted everyone to have access to innovative tools and to be able to use hosting as a sandbox to be creative. Content creators run technology businesses with progress in mind. We care about your success, and build new tools to help you along the way. Whether you want a simple server for you and your friends, or want a massive server to tell your own story, we have you covered.

"Be creative, fuel your spark. Don't let anyone tell you what is or isn't possible." - CaptainLights

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