Server Horse VPN – Testing Access


Server Horse VPN – Testing Access is not in commercial use at this time. Our early access VPN testing is only offered to select clients we reach out to. We offer this VPN service to provide powerful internet security from our hardware located in Miami and New York. Unexpected downtime or outages can occur. If an outage does occur, to resume to your activies simply disconnect until it is back online.

Current Locations

New York – Available Now

Miami – Unavailable

If you are using this on a mobile device, download the OpenVPN app and connect to our servers.

How to gain access:

A Server Horse representative will provide you assistance with setting up your VPN onsite or remotely. The representative will provide you with an encrypted configuration file, which will allow you to connect to our servers with OpenVPN as your UI. If we do not reach out to you, this service is not available to you for testing.

Download for Windows
Download for Mac
Download for Linux
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